Soil Testing Services in El Dorado County, CA

soil testingBefore you designate land for use of any kind, it’s critical to obtain a battery of soil tests. Depending on your intended use, this battery can contain any of a number of tests, designed to help derive data about the composition of the soil and how it may react to your plans to develop it.

Sonde Geological Services offers a full range of soil testing protocols, to ensure you’ve got the data you require to move forward with land planning and development, or to adjust based on the results of our tests. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Perc test: We offer percolation testing in El Dorado County, CA to help you determine the absorption rate of your soil at specific depths. This is particularly useful for septic system planning and can yield insight into how a leach field will perform.
  • Mantle test: Perc & mantle testing in El Dorado County, CA go hand in hand for septic system planning and development. Mantle testing measures water flow through different soil densities, again helping you determine the potential effectiveness of a leach field.
  • Specific gravity: For calculating the degree of saturation and void ratio of your soil, it’s critical to know the specific gravity. We provide this data to give you a more comprehensive understanding of the composition of your soil
  • Compaction test: To evaluate the load bearing capacity of your soil for future developments, it’s necessary to know the compaction rate. A compaction test will yield this data.

Our goal is to give you a complete picture of your soil, no matter what your intended next steps may be. We specialize in helping customers determine the viability of a septic system or leach field, and can also provide data such as slope stability and slope analysis, to ensure you’re getting a comprehensive understanding of the earth beneath your feet.

For more information about our soil testing capabilities or to inquire about an appointment for us to come and survey your earth, contact us today by calling 530-677-3055.